Pavilion Spark is one of Israel's leading companies in the automotive spare parts sector. The company was founded in 1973 after the merger of two companies that began their operations in the early 60s. Both companies had specialized in importing and distributing electrical parts for cars. During the 80s the company expanded its activities into overlapping fields –such as body parts, lamps, mirror, cooling system and accessories.

Pavilion Spark covers various activities within this sector and provides its many customers with a wide range of parts in an "all under one roof" concept.

In 2022, the company's sales revenues amounted to about $ 45 million, with revenue increasing every year. Pavilion Spark has a staff of about 120 employees, most of them highly skilled and with many years of experience. The company's activities are organized according to specialist professional departments with support from a logistical network backing each department. Pavilion Spark operates a call center for ordering parts for the benefit of its customers. The sales sector is managed by sales representatives. Activities are operated in a 12000  m 2 warehouse.

Specialist Departments

Specialized departments are composed of experts with many years of experience, each one in his specific area.

Electrical and Lighting Dept. – specializes in spare parts from the engine management sector to various electrical parts, lamps, mirrors and more.

Body Parts Dept. – specializes in original and aftermarket body parts such as: bumpers, wings, hood and more.

Cooling System Dept. – specializes in heat conversion systems for vehicles such as: radiators, fans, condensers, oil-coolers, vaporizers and more.

Accessories and Car Care products Dept. – specializes in various accessories for the driver's comfortable and large assortment of wax, polish, aerosol etc. for the automotive segment. 

Logistics Network –from storage of goods through to delivering to customers, works with all departments to maintain efficiency while exploiting advantages of scale.

Human Resources

Most Pavilion Spark's employees are highly professional and have been with the company for many years. They form the company's most important resource and are the key of Pavilion Spark's success.


Pavilion Spark has more than 600 customers throughout the country including stores, wholesalers, dealers, distributors of parts for collision repairs, vehicle rental and lease companies, vehicle importers, Ministry of Defense, Israel Police, Israel Electric Corp., municipalities and other government companies and institutions.


The company works with more than 200 manufacturers worldwide in Europe, Asia, United States, and South America. Pavilion Spark is the exclusive representative in Israel of number of well-known and leading global manufacturers. Every supplier is continually scrutinized by the company through visits by Pavilion Spark's representatives to the factories themselves, both before and after contact is made. Pavilion Spark adheres to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and approved by the Standards Institution of Israel. 

Commitment to Service

Pavilion Spark has an especially full parts inventory, which, combined with a high quality stuff and rapid access to every region of the country, facilitates the receipt of required parts by customers within minimum waiting time. The company works with the largest customers in the country and has earned a major reputation with them for its professional and specialist sales network, the large parts inventory it holds, and the availability and swift supply of parts.

Core Values

-     Authenticity

-        -    Fairness

-        -    Service orientation

-        -    Professionalism

-        -    Innovativeness

-        -    Competitiveness

    -    Stability

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מחירון 2024
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